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Lukáš Hráček
Product Manager | 100mega distribution

We included PrintLine from Damedis in our range of products in 2011. Since then, PrintLine has been a stable-selling brand thanks to its wide range of products, fast delivery and quality. We appreciate the central warehouse in Brno which very flexibly delivers the goods, even on the same day if necessary.

Michal Vlachopulos
Product Manager | T.S. Bohemia

We have been selling PrintLine consumables from Damedis for many years. Thousands of satisfied customers buy them every year and they come back thanks to the great price-quality ratio. We are satisfied with the wide range of products that respond very quickly to the needs of our customers and is very often a step ahead of the competition. We are happy to recommend PrintLine to both corporate and end customers.

Jitka Burdová
Sales Representative | A.P. & P spol. s r.o.

I have been working with Damedis for 3 years. As for the price, it suits me, and I need not mention the next day delivery. When I had a problem with printing or the printer itself, I was referred to the Quality Department where they gave me great advice on what to do. Our communication with the sales representative is great; she explains everything and helps me when I do not know how to deal with a problem. 

Ondřej Šebek
Product Manager | Softcom

PrintLine is popular not only with our customers, but also with traders. Goods that are of good quality and covered by a large number of guarantees sell easily and that is particularly true for consumables. We consider the PrintLine customer line, which has helped our customers several times, to be very useful.

Ing. Tomáš Homola
Managing Director | Diadex, s.r.o.

They think ahead and take care of us. And when I need it, they have the goods at a good price. I can recommend them.

Bc. Jana Hanáková
Managing Director | LH-okna s.r.o.

Quick and responsive cooperation. Excellent communication. The correct timing and reminder when the toner is running out. Next day delivery. We also appreciate that they have their records of toners and printers and we do not have to enter the type of toner or printer again.

Lucie Boušková
Commercial and Economic Department | VULKAN-Medical a.s.

Communication with the sales representative is excellent; the order was quickly completed and delivered within the second day after reporting its shipping. Excellent prices and offer.

Miroslava Mlýnková
Assistant | Počítačová služba, s.r.o.

We have been cooperating with Damedis for several months and our sales representative, Eliška Procházková, is very flexible, fast and communicative. Our cooperation was created due to the fact that our previous supplier did not have toners in stock and this situation was repeated several times, which was a problem for us. We do not have the room to hold a stock of toners and that is why we have approached Damedis, which always has them in stock. The goods are delivered the next day and if we need a toner immediately, I call or text Procházková and I can pick it up in a few hours, which is an advantage because we have Damedis near our company.

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