About us

We understand printing. We are specialists in printing solutions.
About us

Who are we?

DAMEDIS s.r.o.

We are a Czech trading company, operating on the market of printing solutions for both companies and households since 2004. We have been distributing the PrintLine brand in the Czech Republic since 2006, it is a supplier of alternative consumables for printers.

We focus primarily on the distribution of original and alternative print cartridges, customer support in their selection of an effective printing solution, superior services and customer guarantees for their printing machines, service and optimization of printing costs. 

As part of the Czech Top 100 evaluation, we were awarded the Czech Stability Award and thus ranked among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic. This award is a sign of professionalism and high-quality services and demonstrates the company’s exceptional position on the market. 

Our values

Customers matter! 
Therefore, we continuously analyse customer needs. We are constantly improving our products and services. We think about the ease of use of our products.

Those who innovate grow!
We are constantly looking for new and better solutions to facilitate the work of our customers. We bring new technologies for your printing solutions and digitalisation. We are improving company processes.

Satisfaction brings results!
Together we create a pleasant working environment. We encourage an active approach and creativity. We are motivated to further develop ourselves and perform better.

What we believe in, what we support and what our goal is

Our goal is primarily to provide quality goods and services, become the market leader in the field of printing and office solutions, create an incentive working environment and fair wages for employees. We want to be an economical, financially stable and growing company.

It is important for us to bring customers user-friendly printing solutions to increase the efficiency of their business, to reduce their work and worries, to save their time and money, to bring joy to their work and to constantly develop and innovate their services. 

Damedis also declares an STMC certificate that tests the quality of toner cartridges. View Certificates

Products provided

  • PrintLine

A complete range of alternative cartridges for printers from all manufacturers. PrintLine is represented by economic advantage, guaranteed quality and worry-free operation of your printing.

  • Original printer cartridges

A complete range of original cartridges for printers from all manufacturers.

  • Renting of printers

We will offer you the most suitable printing equipment for your business and guarantee its smooth operation. You can only focus on your work.

  • Sales of printers

We have a wide range of printers and multifunctions. We offer special project prices with a discount of up to 40%.

Service provided

Customer support and news. DAMEDIS customers are provided with a team of professionals and a sophisticated customer support system. A set of customer support services includes a team of quality technicians who ensure the supply of news, information and professional support services.

The set of customer support services includes

  • news and new trends
  • phone support
  • email support
  • email newsletter
  • Personalised service
  • Personalised services include a wide range of activities that can help to start or accelerate the efficient operation of your business.

The offer of personalised services includes, among others:

  • installation of products
  • expert consultation
  • adjustments of print solutions
  • data digitisation
  • remote administration
  • expert customer solutions, etc.



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